Cabin Plans Guide To Building Cabins

cabin plans and guideThere is nothing more certain to achieve a more rustic look than specifying the use of logs in cabin plans. A log cabin oozes the coziness and rustic atmosphere of an old farmhouse or an elegant weekend getaway.

So to complement that rustic charm and appeal, find things that can be incorporated in the cabin plans and design. For example, the trunk of that Cyprus tree lying around can be used for the stairs and the Cyprus knee would be great as a base for a lamp shades around the cabin. Having a lot of exposed wood in the cabin will result to a truly rustic look.

For the living room, using some antique pieces and some furniture out of hard wood will enhance the rustic appeal. Or try using light fixtures that hang or exposing the ceiling joist for added space. There are numerous creative ways to make a log cabin look very cosy and welcoming.

It’s not that hard to achieve the rustic appeal and utilizing natural wood is very much a part of that appeal. Some natural woods include Cedar, Cyprus and Oak and they look especially good for a mantlepiece.

Use Cherry or Oak for the kitchen cabinets. The counter top surface can be made to match the color of the floor.

Bathrooms on the other hand can still be rustic with those old country designs but yet maintain contemporary facilities. Go find some old houses that are being demolished and bargain for their antique sinks and bath tubs for that authentic rustic appeal.

Cabins after all are all about warmth, coziness and that charming rustic appeal so go out and have fun trying out inventive ways of achieving great outcomes from your cabin plans.