Ancient Greeks and the Romans used pergolas to beautify their gardens and separate areas of garden as well as holding up climbing flowers and plants. It is a stylish garden construction that’s functional as well.  To have the pergola of your dreams could be easy to build, there are sites and stores that offer free shed plans as they normally have pergola plans that are simple to follow and assemble, even for novice woodworkers.

Building Pergolas With Free Shed Plans

Generally, pressure-treated wood as well as cedar and redwood are amongst the most popular materials used for pergola. Cedar is often favored for a lot of outdoor construction because, like shed building, it has a straight grain quality and does not easily deform or bend. It is ideal for all kinds of weather as it does not deteriorate as easily as other wood.

Pergolas can be constructed in several ways. There is the free standing style or one that is attached to the wall of your house, shed building or deck. It is common to utilize the lean-to style of support if the pergola is attached to the house or other outdoor structure. Pergolas can also be boxed arches where you see a winding path beyond it.

The fundamentally common design is one with four posts and four beams that connect at the top. One of the main concerns in building pergolas is its capacity to bear the weight of the plants growing and increasing on its beams. This is not a cause for concern for those vines and plants that are light in weight but for some vines like wisteria, make sure the construction is sufficiently strong to withstand the heavier weight.