free shed plans for the birdsThere are various patterns in free shed plans offerings for other DIY woodworking projects like a birdhouse. Selecting the right birdhouse plan depends on the kind of bird you want to lure in the yard. The free shed plan I’m thinking of includes a roof of course, walls and the base. The measurement varies depending on the birds’ species.

Free Shed Plans And Birdhouse Plans

After identifying the type of bird that tends to nest around your area, you can start to build the birdhouse. One of the commonly used wood for this construction is cedar because there is no need for the wood to be treated or painted. The ideal thickness for the wood is around two inches for proper protection against the elements.

Make sure to drill the right size for the birdhouse entrance hole. The size is determined by the size of the birds you want to attract. Drilling a larger hole than necessary runs the risk of attract some bigger types if birds that may attack or scare off the smaller birds.birdhouse plans

Avoid putting a perch on the birdhouse. A perch will just invite some predators like cats or snakes, aside from the larger birds of course. A predator guard can be added at the bottom of the pole if the birdhouse is mounted on it.

Allow for small holes on the floor area of the birdhouse for proper ventilation as well as drainage. A slanted roof is recommended to avoid water accumulation during the rainy season.

Keeping the birdhouse design simple is likely to be much more appreciated by your future tenants than any fancy and stylish birdhouse plans, even if they are from free shed plans. Just be sure to build it using the right size of home for the birds and they are sure to feel safe and secure especially when raising their young.