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Shed Plans for Women A Growing Trend

It’s commonly assumed that the shed, including building one from shed plans, is the domain of the man.  But that’s not quite the case any more.  Women are starting to become more vocal in their desire, and ability, to have their own shed and possibly one that they have built from scratch starting at the shed plans.  The Telegraph in the UK posted an article on the significance of sheds to men’s health.  In fact there’s an article in this blog about this organization called Men’s Sheds,which has been in New Zealand for many many years.

A shed is perceived as a tranquil idyll for men – traditionally,to get away from the woman’s area (the house) into their own domain where they can rule the roost.  And of course while in the shed, the man (as men do) would make something useful that could be used in the house or around the house.

Shed Plans for Women’s Shed

This dream sounds like something that many women now hanker for. They too want their own private space, not necessarily the kitchen!  They too are clamoring for room for hobbies or for working on projects or simply for relaxing.

And there is no reason why women should not have the same ambitions as a man.  There are many women very capable of wielding hammer and saw, and many more who are capable of learning how to do this.  With these skills building a shed from shed plans would be a cinch.

So why aren’t more women doing this?  Well I would suggest that at this point in time, it is simply a matter of heritage.  How many women have a childhood of working beside dad (or perhaps mum!) in the shed, spending hours and hours making something from their skillful hands?  It seems not many.

That is bound to change and for a number of reasons.  Self-sufficiency is a catch cry at the moment and shows no signs of lessening.  With self-sufficiency, comes the need to create, build, grow and manufacture to fulfill your own needs.

Out of this comes the need for a shed (naturally built from shed plans with your own hands) or similar where activities can be undertaken, items stored (storage shed plans needed of course) or simply as a place for reflection and alone time.

shed plans for womenAnother reason for the growth of women shed builders could be a result of the smaller family unit.  With fewer people to bring up and look after, perhaps women have more time to spend on their own interests.  Perhaps they have more time to consider a shed and perhaps from that position, look to buy shed plans and build their own backyard idyll.

Who knows what will happen in the future?  Not many people can predict the future accurately, but what is certain is that the growing number of women building shed plans and creating their own private spaces is on the increase and shows no signs of abating.  Perhaps we shall start to see Womens Sheds organizations before too long.

Build Your Own Shed With Shed Plans and Save Money

OK, it’s shed plans time!  Does this sound like you?  You have too many things in your garage and now it’s time to find somewhere else to store your things. The only option is to get a shed!  What’s more if you get your things out of the house, you may just get some gold stars as well.

The thing you want to avoid is buying a pre-made shed, like the ones found at the home improvement stores.  You want to build your own shed by hand, using some build your own shed plans. Not only will it be an enjoyable thing to do, but it has a great purpose as well!  And if you find the right shed plans online, you are likely to save money – another gold star.

Buy Shed Plans and Build Your Own Shed

These days it’s so easy to buy shed plans on the internet. The great thing about buying shed plans is that you can choose from a variety of plans that will fit your needs.

Buying a pre-made shed isn’t really exciting, and they come with one floor plan and only a few sizes, which may not be exactly what you are looking for.

Pre-made sheds are also quite expensive. Most of the cost of these sheds is from the labor to get them to a pre-made state,and that is something that you are willing to put in yourself at no cost.  That leaves more money for the materials!

And there’s great rewardin throwing some steaks on the grill and grabbing some cold ones after having some buddies come over to help you work on your weekend project. For what you would pay in materials only, plus the stuff you plan on grilling, you can use ‘build your own shed plans’ and build that same shed for a fraction of the cost of a pre-made shed. You’ve already got all the tools, so go ahead and save money by building a shed yourself.

You want your shed to be made from quality materials and you want it to last. The items you plan on storing may be very valuable (tools aren’t cheap for a start), so you want to make sure the shed is built to be securely locked. Don’t settle for a flimsy pre-made shed that will likely fall apart at the first storm or can be broken into!

Build your shed yourself and build it with pride. So what are you waiting for?  Get to and buy shed plans and build your own shed today.  With the Christmas and New Year holiday season on us, now is a great time to start!

Some Truths About Shed Plans Products

I thought it was time to write about My Shed Plans and Ted’s Woodworking Plans (advertised here on the right) because I’ve read a heap of vocal press about these products.

There is one major gripe about shed plans products and that is that some of the shed plans and other items offered in the package can be found elsewhere on the web! That would surely not be news to anyone who is even vaguely acquainted with the internet.  So while some people complain about this, others recognize that not everyone wants to spend hours tracking the plans down.  Some people are perfectly happy to pay for someone having researched it all and have created a package where all the plans in one place.

Another gripe is about the volume of shed plans.  People are saying that no one can use thousands and thousands of plans.  I’d say they are right, but it is also reasonable to assume that having a range and choice of plans gives just about everyone at least something they may like to make.

While someone may want free shed plans, perhaps someone else is looking for barn plans.  It’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to build all of the items contained in the packages – but I may be wrong about this!  Maybe there are incredibly keen people out there who spend all their time making things from wood.  If so, it’s highly likely that those people are quite proficient at woodworking and perhaps are unlikely to need the assistance of shed plans, barn plans or any other plans.

A couple of people have had negative experiences with the payment process when they bought My Shed Plans.When I purchase anything on the web, I am cautious and make sure that a legitimate service like Paypal is used.

In this case though, both the woodworking products are sold through Clickbank and Clickbank has no problem with refunding – in fact they are known as being a great organization with respect to payments and refunds.  So using Clickbank, purchasers should not have any problems.  It seems to me that some purchasers wanting a refund may have gone directly to the company concerned and that is not the proper process to follow.  When making a purchase it is important to keep the documentation from Clickbank for the very reason you may need to follow up later.

Check out these snippets from real people’s feedback and make up your own mind about whether you want to buy either of these products through this site.  Some people are OK with this, and others are not.  It really is a personal decision – just like all the other decisions we make when we buy something.

These following excerpts relate to My Shed Plans product:

my free shed plans

There were several help documents included on download.  These were pretty good for the most part.  Unfortunately they looked like they had been ripped from reputable websites and are probably used without permission.John – Sugar Land Texas USA from


Oh, and perhaps the author has a suggestion for a better package I could get for the same money?  Seriously, that is not a flippant comment but a real request.  I am a real person / hobbyist woodworker and am always on the look-out for good deals.  And if the author knows of any packages better than this, I am all ears…or ‘eyes’ as it were.  Roger D, United States from


I ordered a trial membership. Ad stated my credit card would not be charged for one week and would not be charged at all if I wasn’t satisfied for any reason “No questions asked.”My card was charged immediately. Then I was asked if I wanted to upgrade to the Elite version which had complete plans another $29.99 I think( that’s what I thought I was supposed to be getting to start with). Then I was asked if I wanted to purchase a CD with the plans on it for another $19.99. Again ad never mentioned that for the first $29.99 all I was getting was access.Joe – (United States of America) from


I was reluctant to purchase at first and had decided that I was not going to purchase and then when the “free plan download” for a 8 x 12 shed was offered to me. I downloaded it and it was very precise all the information was there, materials, step by step instruction, etc…. I purchased the plans and was also guaranteed that if I was not completely satisfied I would receive a full refund and I was also told my card would not be charged for a week. Well, my card was charged before the 7 days was up and I was not satisfied.Adam T Madron – Enumclaw (United States of America) from

The above comments relate to My Shed Plans.  There were not nearly as many comments out there for Teds Woodworking so I assume more people are happier with this product.  The comments I did see seemed to be from people promoting the website so I haven’t included them here.  But of course you can check the product out for yourself.

It is worth pointing out that in 2009 Teds Woodworking won The Woodworking Association’s Readers Choice Award (a huge American association for woodworking with chapters around the country).

Seriously though, when purchasing shed plans or anything from the web, it pays to do your research.  If you research both these products you will be in a position to make up your own mind about whether you would like to buy or not.  It’s totally up to you, no one is forcing your hand.

Mens Shed Plans Extends To Your Backyard

Around the globe is a charitable organization called “Mens Sheds” that provides sheds for men to gather.  This great idea was created to help with the problems of isolation that commonly occur for men with unemployment, retrenchment, illness, mean’s health and many other things.   While there are no free shed plans for this organisation, funding is provided through application to the foundation. Read the rest of this entry »