Around the globe is a charitable organization called “Mens Sheds” that provides sheds for men to gather.  This great idea was created to help with the problems of isolation that commonly occur for men with unemployment, retrenchment, illness, mean’s health and many other things.   While there are no free shed plans for this organisation, funding is provided through application to the foundation.

I know if I had a shed available on a piece of land somewhere I would be very tempted to give it to Mens Sheds.  Their work is a life saver and a life changer for many men who would otherwise have little contact with other men.

Each of the Mens Shedsare designed to be self-funding once they start up.  It means the members need to produce material that they can sell, or fundraise – both.  Naturally, this keeps members busy and focused, but more importantly it helps and encourages the development of new physical skills as well as emotional skills.

Woodworking seems to be a dying art and any opportunity to build or create more things ourselves is a great use of resource, skill and time.  I remember my grandfather’s shed as a treasure trove of machinery, smells of oil and straw and a lovely comfortable feeling reflecting my grandfather’s calming personality.

One way individuals in a community can help the Mens Shed cause, is to create your own Mens Shed environment.  Building your own shed is not a huge task, although of course implementing large shed plans may take some commitment and money!

Variety of Shed Plans

But with the variety of shed plans available (including free shed plans), any community minded citizen could build a shed for very little investment.

Bringing the community together in a shed environment is a hugely humane and caring thing to do.  So very often we buy or build our own little piece of paradise and it remains just ours.  Not to be shared with anyone else for fear they would change it or damage it or whatever.

But opening your own personal shed to your neighborhood even just once a month, would be a valuable contribution to society and provide an opportunity to bring the community together.

It’s like the equivalent of the cup of tea that women so commonly share with other women.  For us guys it just seems that much harder to open up and let others into our sacred places, such as our own shed.

If you decide to do this, let me know how you go with it.  I’d love to hear your shed or your shed plans story and perhaps publish it here in this blog.