It’s commonly assumed that the shed, including building one from shed plans, is the domain of the man.  But that’s not quite the case any more.  Women are starting to become more vocal in their desire, and ability, to have their own shed and possibly one that they have built from scratch starting at the shed plans.  The Telegraph in the UK posted an article on the significance of sheds to men’s health.  In fact there’s an article in this blog about this organization called Men’s Sheds,which has been in New Zealand for many many years.

A shed is perceived as a tranquil idyll for men – traditionally,to get away from the woman’s area (the house) into their own domain where they can rule the roost.  And of course while in the shed, the man (as men do) would make something useful that could be used in the house or around the house.

Shed Plans for Women’s Shed

This dream sounds like something that many women now hanker for. They too want their own private space, not necessarily the kitchen!  They too are clamoring for room for hobbies or for working on projects or simply for relaxing.

And there is no reason why women should not have the same ambitions as a man.  There are many women very capable of wielding hammer and saw, and many more who are capable of learning how to do this.  With these skills building a shed from shed plans would be a cinch.

So why aren’t more women doing this?  Well I would suggest that at this point in time, it is simply a matter of heritage.  How many women have a childhood of working beside dad (or perhaps mum!) in the shed, spending hours and hours making something from their skillful hands?  It seems not many.

That is bound to change and for a number of reasons.  Self-sufficiency is a catch cry at the moment and shows no signs of lessening.  With self-sufficiency, comes the need to create, build, grow and manufacture to fulfill your own needs.

Out of this comes the need for a shed (naturally built from shed plans with your own hands) or similar where activities can be undertaken, items stored (storage shed plans needed of course) or simply as a place for reflection and alone time.

shed plans for womenAnother reason for the growth of women shed builders could be a result of the smaller family unit.  With fewer people to bring up and look after, perhaps women have more time to spend on their own interests.  Perhaps they have more time to consider a shed and perhaps from that position, look to buy shed plans and build their own backyard idyll.

Who knows what will happen in the future?  Not many people can predict the future accurately, but what is certain is that the growing number of women building shed plans and creating their own private spaces is on the increase and shows no signs of abating.  Perhaps we shall start to see Womens Sheds organizations before too long.