Find the Right Storage Shed Plans

Storage shed plans make it easy to add a high quality shed to your property and save money at the same time. Plans for a storage shed come in many varieties so there is something for everyone. Some of the most popular shed plans are below.

Traditional Gable Shed

The most common shed is the standard gable roof shed. Easy to build and maintain, the gable roof shed fits into nearly any landscape easily and works well for gardening or equipment storage.

Barn Style Shed

A classic barn roof shed is a great looking shed that has the traditional barn-shaped roof which offers excellent head room. Barn sheds work well to store large items or with shelves built in to the sides for storing smaller items. Barn roof storage shed plans are a bit more complicated than gable roof sheds but the added space is worth it.

Refuse Storage Shed

Adding a refuse storage shed to your property is a great way to hide unattractive garbage cans or recycling containers without bringing them into the garage. With a shallow depth that makes it easy to get things in and out, they are perfect for storing items that you need to get at frequently.

Lean-to Storage Shed

A lean-to shed is a great choice for adding a storage shed that will fit along a property line or building. With an easy opening to the front and a shallow depth, a lean-to shed is a good choice for garden tools, lawn equipment, or keeping firewood dry through the winter.

Salt Box Shed

Salt box sheds are very similar to the standard gable roof shed except that one side of the roof is higher than the other. This works well to provide headroom on one side while floor storage or built-in shelves offer storage on the other.

Whichever style of shed you are going to build, doing it yourself is fun and will save you money. Start by getting good plans for a storage shed to make the job easy. The best part about doing it yourself is that you will have the freedom to customize your new shed to work just right for you and your space.

First, decide on the type of storage you need, then find the right storage shed plans to fit that need.  It’s that easy.